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REASON 98: The last three Republican presidents have started wars.

Mitt Romney's foreign policy advisors are the same sort—and in many cases, the same people—that advised President George W. Bush. The overwhelming majority of these advisors have ties to the defense industry. Perhaps this explains why Romney wants to add $2 trillion to the defense budget that the military has not asked for.

Romney’s advisors will put our country at great risk. Some of them have never been to war (e.g., John Bolton). They base their policy recommendations on ideology, not reality. These advisors sent us to war in Iraq without any coherent plan, and without any exit strategy. And now they're suggesting that China is our “enemy” and Russia is our “greatest geopolitical foe.” Mitt Romney has had the tin ear to say these words, and to hint at war in Iran and Syria, to an American public that has had 11 straight years of war and wants no more. If you want more invasions, Mitt Romney will almost surely give them to you. If you want enlightened foreign policy, vote for Barack Obama.

90 Days, 90 Reasons Staff

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